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Are amazing new ideas or inventions the result of pure imagination or are they born of necessity as the proverb would have us believe?

Whatever the case, it takes a certain character and belief in oneself and in one’s idea to see a crazy dream through to robust reality…

You see things and you say
‘Why?’ But I dream things that
never were and I say ‘Why not?’

~ George Bernard Shaw
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Impossible just hasn’t been invented yet.

Ideas create their own future.

~ Sab Will
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I wouldn’t call myself a dreamer but I do seem to be forever coming up with ideas for more or (often) less realistic projects.

There’s danger in that unpretentious word ‘realistic’ though. It has the power to suck the creative soul out of any number of odd or offbeat notions.

There will always be, and there needs to be, these two types of people: those who work with what is, immerse themselves in this known universe, and get on as best they can with whatever hand fate has deigned to deal them; and those who are more interested in what could be and, notably, what could be thanks to their own personal impetus and efforts.

I’m no expert on the nature or nurture dichotomy. What I do feel though is that whatever happens, I will always belong to the latter category. I’m never happier than when coming up with an idea I haven’t thought of before and setting to work to turn it into some tangible entity.

The apotheosis of the process is when I send my creation out into the world, to fend for itself, hopefully interest, amuse or inspire others and eventually come back to me through positive reactions and news of its usefulness.

My Quest, as I understand what seems to drive me, is to follow impossible dreams and turn them into some sort of reality which will make some difference in the world. What that difference is or will be I cannot know, but I do know that creating things always tends to produce reactions, which then feed further creativity and so on. So when an interesting new idea pops into my head, my usual reaction is, inevitably, ‘Why not?’


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