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Creativity is a word which has infiltrated my soul and come to practically govern the way I lead my life.

Although people don’t openly deride me for this obsession, I occasionally get hints that I’m considered a bit of an impostor.

Where’s the best-selling book on ‘creativity’ then? they ask. When is your next international ‘innovative thinking’ conference appearance? they wonder. What do you actually, you know, create, in fact? they splutter.

The best act of creation is
self-creation… the best challenges
in life are the ones we create for

~ Gary Ryan Blair
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What shall I become today?

Stop learning + start lazing = slow dying.

~ Sab Will / SABISMS Humpty Heights
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I’m in love with the word create because, like abstract art, it can represent or symbolise whatever you want it to. Your ‘creation’ can be grandiose and influential or intensely private and personal.

It can be a brand new invention which vastly improves on a more primitive solution, or it can be a few squiggly lines on a piece of cloth.

It can be a new morning routine to help you out of the doldrums or it can be an entire European rail transport system laid out on the kitchen floor made of empty biscuit boxes and bits of old string helped by mummy who held the scissors.

To paraphrase the great late 19th century philosopher H. Dumpty, words mean whatever we want them to mean – neither more nor less. One of the purest acts of creativity, in my book, is to invent our own significance for this most human of creations: the spoken and written word intended to represent an often elusive sense or meaning. 

What I really like about this word is its positivity. To create means to bring something into being which didn’t exist before in our lives through our own efforts. There’s nothing more stimulating than something new and nothing more enticing than the unknown.

Our hearts still beat faster as we open the letter box. We scream at spoilsports who want to tell us how a film ends. Organising surprises for our loved ones brings a deep sense of pleasure and excitement all round. Let’s not get possessive about creative. Let’s go out there and produce new stuff and even invent new lives. Let’s create!


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Notes on… SABISMS Humpty Heights

Sab Will enjoys writing Sabisms about creativity in business and life.

sabisms life portrait Sab WillAs well as I Create Therefore I Am (this site!) he runs Creative Business Mind (business creativity and innovation), Mind Map Mad (mind mapping & visual problem solving) and Fun English Lessons (an on-line language learning site).

Sab offers dynamic, personalised training in innovative thinking, creative problem solving and mind mapping to companies, educational establishments and motivated individuals. Please get in touch here to find out how increased creativity and innovation can help boost your business and your life.

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