Consume, Create & Communicate

Consume, Create & Communicate


 …memories and hope.


meet_me_4One day it will be my turn. One day it will be yours. But I’m getting ahead of myself as usual.

The on-line life we all lead today (to a greater or lesser extent,) is a curious one. Especially for those of us who remember a time when there were only three ways of getting in touch with people: phoning them, writing them a letter or going to see them. With your legs.

Those days are now long gone, but even though I’m not that old, and am pretty much integrated into the modern way of doing things, I do get little twinges of regret for those times gone by. The letters I’ve written to girls! And had written to me – oh yes!

There was something utterly magical about that whole process – its fevered inception, its trembling realisation, its (sometimes, if you were lucky) successful conclusion.

commuworking_350Yes, you could say I miss those days. Now, though, we live in another time, another era, another way of looking at things. If you’re growing up as a youngster today you can’t regret what you’ve not personally lived. I understand that.

So as I said, I’ve been heavily into the on-line world for many years now. One of the joys of this parallel, shady existence is the way we can stumble across – ‘meet’, effectively – some exceptional individuals with whom we would never have come into contact in ‘real’ life. It’s truly a wondrous thing.

One of those people who exemplifies what I’m talking about is called Scott Dinsmore. He had a dream. Well, he probably had many, but he focused on one and carried it though to successful completion – now there’s a thing!

His dream was twofold: to live his life doing what he wanted to do; and to help others do the same. A worthy dream which he wasn’t satisfied to leave at the drawing board stage.

To cut a long story short, he created a wonderful website called Live Your Legend, which you can visit today and I recommend you do. There’s also a worldwide community attached to the site – people Scott and his dream-become-action inspire to move towards doing what they really want to do in life too.

Another of Scott’s dreams came true in 2012 when he gave a now legendary and inspirational TED Talk, which has been seen by well over a million people.

His first words were ‘Wow, what an honour! I’ve always wondered what this would feel like.’

I hope you’ll make it a million+ and another one by watching it here, below:

(See Scott’s TED Talk on Live Your Legend)

And now, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, and cut a potentially much  longer story much much shorter… Scott Dinsmore was killed a few weeks ago, in the prime of his life. He was doing what he loved: living his legend to the full.

He was tragically hit by falling rocks as he neared the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Scott was travelling with his young wife Chelsea, who was unhurt in the accident.

It is impossible to imagine how hard this must have been for those closest to Scott, and his Live Your Legend community was greatly shocked. But that’s not the reason for my writing this post.

leaf_drain_350After some time Chelsea has been able to start communicating about what happened, or at least how she is going to cope with it going forward. She is incredibly brave to do so. She seems to want to continue the work Scott started.

In particular, I was very touched by a post she wrote on the Live Your Legend blog last week. It was entitled ‘The Power of Balancing the 3 C’s: Consuming, Creating and Connecting‘. I’ll let you read it on your own.

As I’m sure Scott (and Chelsea) would wish, this has inspired me to be creative and forward-thinking in my own right.

At first I thought her ‘C’ for consuming was going to be a negative commentary on our throw-away society. Not at all. In fact it was about the need to fill ourselves with information and knowledge from the world around us to give us new ideas and direction.

The creating ‘C’ is one we are familiar with. The name of this blog and website is ‘I Create Therefore I Am’ with good reason. I also passionately share Scott and Chelsea’s desire to help others be as creative in their own lives as humanly (and why not inhumanly) possible. I thank them for being a great positive influence in my life along with many others doing similar generous, giving work.

Finally I’ve morphed the third ‘C’ into communicating. Connecting is not my strongest point – I still have a lot of progress to make in that area. Communicating though, well, I spend my days sharing as much as I can, and often get a positive response back, so that ‘C’ suits me well.

leaf_heart_SH_368Consume, Create & Communicate. It has a nice rhythm to it. What’s more, it encompasses the natural cycle of what I do.

First I consume, or expose myself to as many influences, surprises and wise words as possible. This could be through reading inspirational quotes or walking by the river with my kid or even watching a TED talk!

Invariably this gives me An Idea For Something. It’s incredible how that happens. Almost every time, sometimes several. My one burning desire is immediately to create – to turn that fleeting feeling into something solid, be that taking a photo, writing an article like this one, or a simple gesture such as sweeping the leaves in the garden into a heart instead of just throwing them in the bin.

The last piece of the puzzle is to get the message, the feeling, the creation out there. It’s no good to anyone sitting in my brain or on my desk or my hard drive. I need to launch it out into the real world, and with that symbolic gesture I feel liberated and happy, and ready to get on with the next crazy idea that comes my way!


A long time ago I used to write poetry, and it annoys me that I’ve let it go over the last few years; I’m hoping this new blog will help me get back into it. Poetry’s not something that comes to me when I call; it seems to be sent from elsewhere, but it may be possible to prompt it or help it along I guess.

Here’s one from the archives (below), along with my first ever painting, which is probably more meaningful than anything I could dream up on the spot.

day1_300I thank Scott for being a great creator and positive influence in my life even though we never met.

Those who knew him well, if you think the best thing is to carry on the movement he started, I’m sure you are right and that that’s what he would have wanted.

Chelsea, I believe you have the strength to continue; cliché as it is, every day is the first day of the rest of your life, and remember one thing: you will never be alone.

As time goes on I become ever more aware that one day it will be my turn. One day it will be yours too. But I try to remember when thinking I’ll get around to doing something worthwhile ‘one day’: today is One Day – it’s here already. It’s the only one we’ve got, in fact, and if we don’t do something we’re pleased about or proud of each day, we might as well not bother and give up now.

What good did I do today, I ask myself before I go to bed. What did I consume, absorb, learn and grow from? What new thing, object, idea or feeling, however humble, did I create that didn’t exist before? What did I communicate to the world, sharing something precious to me in the hope that others will be touched as I am, and that some sort of connection will be made?

What good did you do today? I’d love to know, really.

Meet Me


Meet me
Where the shadows sidle
Up to
Huge horizons huddled
Smiling wildly
Technicolor wide
And willing me to ride them


Take me
To the ocean’s heartbeat
Colluding clouds rub cotton
Shoulders boldly
Wetly waters tumble
Land’s end looms then

Leave me
At the edge of seeping
On the outer rim that
I may glimpse
The other side
Of sunset’s golden gate



Sab Will writes about creativity in business and life.

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