SABISMS ~ Bed Of Roses

sabisms bed of roses toonA favourite joke which has stuck with me from early days is:

Life is a bed of roses…

       but watch out for the pricks!

For today’s Sabism I’ll twist that around a bit and suggest we welcome the pricks of life.

I’m talking about those little moments, sometimes uncomfortable, which make us stop and ask ourselves: “What can I learn from this and how can I make things better in the future?”

Attempts at being creative and original often provoke less than positive reactions in others. Fear of such reactions, and the feelings they cause, often stops us from even trying anything new in the first place…Create more…

Ripped To Shreds

Ripped To Shreds


 …a coruscating collage.

Or “How to rip up (and reconstruct) your life in 60 seconds flat”. OK, the 60 seconds bit is actually the reconstructing section in the form of a one-minute presentation.

The inspiration for the presentation comes from a collage that you have just spontaneously created from ripped out magazine photos.
Tamara Milosevic*, dynamic researcher and curriculum designer at the Frateli Association in Paris, created and led our two month evening training programme.
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SABISMS ~ Backside Bash

sabisms backside bash toonIt’s half past eight in the morning, the house has just been temporarily vacated of kids singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas at high volume (no, it’s not December, I don’t know why)…

…accompanied by barked orders to open windows, tidy floors and dress singing kids, the computer’s on, the hot drink’s ready, the birds are busy in the garden and a certain calm descends; I’m ready, finally to start… again.

I sometimes feel like I’m forever starting again. Which is why this particular Sabism can do wonders for your motivation to get going like a, well, a rough-hewn club up your backside!Create more…

SABISMS ~ Leap Yeah!

Today’s Sabism is being written on the 29th of February, which means I’ll have to wait for four years to be able to do such a thing again.

Luckily, we can take brave and bold actions every day, not just once in a blue moon. But do we?

That’s what this post is about. Leaps. Leaps of time, leaps of faith and leaps of possibility. Are you going to make this your creative leap year?

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sabisms nyrs rip toonOK, so January’s over, and what about those NYRs, eh? You know, that list you dragged out from last year and updated a bit by changing the date with all the things you’re not going to get done this year either..?

Resolutions, you gotta love ’em, no? As it happens I’m only about 15 days behind on my resolution to write one of these things every day for a year, but I reckon I’m not doing too badly. As for the rest, well, I can always change the date again next year…

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SABISMS ~ Mad Genius

Normal is one of the sneakiest, most subtly limiting words I can think of.

What is ‘normal’ anyway? Is it really just ‘the most common occurrence’ of any given phenomenon, such as hot weather in Australia or rain in the UK? Or is it laced with value judgments and used to keep those who make us feel uncomfortable in their place? ‘I think she’s abnormal!’ (the girl who writes strange poetry and does that funny movement and wears her hair like that)

I’d argue from under a pedant’s paper hat that it’s both, but in terms of being creative and daring to be abnormal, it’s one of the imaginative soul’s greatest enemies.

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SABISMS ~ Keep Watering

sabisms keep watering toonWe all get old, that isn’t telling you anything you didn’t already know.

What we don’t all do is stay nimble in our noggins. ‘Noggin’ is a probably British informal word for ‘head’, in case any of my international readers were wondering.

The good news is, if we keep stimulating our brains with new situations, challenges and surprises, they will keep on reinventing themselves throughout our lives! A veritable fountain of youth running right there inside our skulls, as long as we keep the desire to learn and grow flowing.Create more…